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September 3, 2010 at 5:40 PM Leave a comment

Somehow this had escaped my notice, even though I’ve had the Amazon Kindle for iPad app for months. Apparently Barnes & Noble is in on this act as well, with a nook software version for the iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

On the B&N Website:

Covered on zdNet:

I learned about it via an email from B&N, which I signed up for ages ago (I’ve been a sometime customer of their online and offline bookstores). The email was enticing me with free eBooks – out of copyright classics, naturally – with the bottom half of the email devoted to an ad for the new software-only B&N ebook reader software. (Strange idea, really – I would think “Free eBook Reader App for Your iPhone, iPad” would have made for a much catchier lead – but then again I’m not trying to promote YAERD*.)

*Yet Another E-Reader Device

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